Things Emily Likes

no one really knows what it is to be alone, since You’ve never left our side

we’ve been oceans apart, but You part oceans to be with me

You’re closer than a whisper, close enough to hear my heart beat

You’re closer than a kiss, close enough to raise my heartbeat


(Source: Spotify)

Chains of sin can’t hold me down

Even death itself can’t keep me in the ground

Death, where is your sting?

Grave, where is your victory?

He’s alive, He’s alive, He is risen!

arise, Lord, deliver me
oh, my God, strike all my enemies upon the jaw
quit their caws cause they would have me on the auction block
all locked up & tied down
all that i would have within
my chains begin to end my freedom

watch over me when i am sleeping
watch over me when i am waking
watch out for me, my mind is spinning
watch out for me, bring peace within me

— Jaw by Enter the Worship Circle

j’adore indie worship songs.

So Mournful the Elegy, So Comforting the Hymn by Hymns From Nineveh

i love:

1) that they love Jesus like me

2) that they’re Danish yet they sing in English

3) how hip & cool they are/their music is

4) that this video was uploaded on my 21st birthday

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